Logo Revamp

Ready for a logo make-over?

We create logos that complete and NOT over power the designs that are implemented within a businesses. A logo that speaks to their audeince and completes the designs within.

Before & Afters

Take an inside look at our revamps and our purpose behind it

🚫 Not in a vector format...

We first noticed that this previous logo was NOT created in a vector format. Instead, the logo was made in photoshop. The logo was recreated, so to prevent any issues in the future. 

🚫 Won't work in black nor white...

Another rule when it comes to logos is that it must work in solid black or white. If this logo were to convert to black, it would not be legible. This logo was recreated based on inspirations that would NOT limit how it could be used.

🚫 Made using Photoshop...

The previous logo was made through multiple clip arts in photoshop, which sets boundaries for scaling. We simplified this logo and made it timeless.

Who will design your logo?

Meet Your Artists - Nicole & Jamie

IG: @ms.NicoleMonay

When it comes to logos, we want our clients to know that although a logo is the start of their business, it's not the end. Within our community, we noticed so much emphasis on the logo but not the bigger picture. Logos are an essential part of your business. We create ageless, limitless logos and are a valuable part of your business's frontline!